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LAN Messenger – Ease of Installation & Setup Details

Looking for a corporate office messenger with a user-friendly interface and effective key features? Want something more complicated and secure than a regular Skype application? Lan messenger is what you are looking for.

  If you want an advanced and secure messaging application, which doesn’t take a lot of time and efforts when it comes to installation and explanation, a lan messenger is a great choice. Why? It secures communication over the Internet and makes it simpler a lot to share important business-related files with all departments inside the company at once.

Corporate Instant Messenger Explained

Who this messenger is recommended for?

If you own a small business, a several-years company, or a huge corporation, you can install this business messenger. Why?

  • It encrypts every message.
  • It makes a work day ten times effective by saving your time on face-to-face communication or on typing the exact announcement or question, which you would like to discuss with more than five or six people in the company. Inside a lan chat you can create separate chats for different departments, arranging them in the way you want.
  • It allows sending files even if your co-workers are offline at the moment. They can read the message the moment they enter the chat.
  • It allows to go back to any message history, track it, and see when exactly a certain question was discussed and the ideas other workers had about it, etc. Thus, you don’t have to create a separate folder on your computer only to write down the ideas expressed by your colleagues a month or two ago if you work on some project for months or years. fast and simple.
  • This network messaging program has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require IT knowledge or programming skills for installation. Actually, the installation process takes a few minutes only. Additionally, it works on popular platforms like Windows, Mac, and Android. Thus, you don’t have to look for windows messenger if you want to have it on both your Mac laptop and your Windows PC in the office.
  • It even has a remote desktop sharing windows option, when you allow other people in your company who are not sitting next to you to connect to your computer display too.
  • It offers more than ten languages to choose from in the settings – English, Czech, Indian, German, Turkish, Macedonian, etc.

As you can see, having a professional office chat application is not the same as having an ordinary program, which you use to chat online with friends and family. It is a more advanced and business-oriented solution.

How to Install the App

To install the app, download it from the website and start a setup process when the new window appears. Click «next» and pick the place on your computer where you would like to get it installed in. Then, click on «Finish» and wait till the new chat window appears on the bottom of the screen. To chat with your colleagues, ask them to install the app as well. If they already have it installed, you’ll see their names in the window. Double click on the name of the person you would like to chat with and send your first lan message. Drag and drop files if you want to send documents, charts, photographs, screenshots, etc. You can send folders of any size, but the bigger the folder is, the longer it will take to send it.

Download messenger and make communication in your company more effective.