Exports Of Settings For The Members Of Lan Messenger

If you are looking for a better way to interact with your colleagues, we may have a proper solution for you. A Realpopup LAN chat also known as an instant network communication tool is capable of ensuring secure exchange of information and files without an active Internet connection and special server. Here is why it becomes more and more used by companies as well as large corporations worldwide.

One of the main features that LAN messenger has to offer its users is the interconnection of personal computers in the same network which is usually limited to one office or alike building. This prevents companies from data thefts and leaks which nowadays can hit the company’s image and thus profits in the long-term. However, it is not only the security and promptness of communication that an office messenger provides but much more.

Special Settings Of Lan Messenger

When talking about other functions provided by the LAN chats it is important to highlight the exporting and importing network settings attributable to this only windows messenger. Imagine that there are 150 PCs in the same local area network requiring the same configuration. Now, imagine that instead of making a systems administrator going and configuring each separate computer, the office chat can do it itself. This is that very desired efficiency, is not it?

Here is a step-by-step guide for export and import of settings within a corporate instant messenger, respectively:

  • make all the necessary configuration at one computer: to begin with, one obviously has to create the setting which will later be exported to other computers within the network;
  • start the exporting process: once you have done all the required preparations, your next step would be to go to the Settings dialog box and choose the Network tab there. Upon doing so, click System-defined location, and then press Export;
  • begin the importing procedure: once the setting is shared with the computers within the network, one has also performed the importing procedure. To do so, you will have to follow the same guidelines as in the step before but the last action will be to select the folder where the exported file is, click the file, and then choose Open. Now, every time you start a LAN chat, the imported setting will be the setting of the main operation.

To wrap things up, in the modern era of constant technological disruptions, the best solutions are not always the online ones. Such a simple though efficient messaging tool as a network messaging guarantees much more in terms of security and functionalities than the common messengers we tend to use in daily lives.