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Lan Messenger – A Serverless Tool For Messaging And No Hardware Expenditures

Many companies at some point in their growth and development decide to take a certain portion of peer-to-peer communication into the online space. This makes internal corporate processes more time-efficient and thus profitable. However, in the last time, the security of these most common online tools has been severely debated given the recent huge scandals of data leaks and data misusage. This brings companies to use LAN messengers as the most secure offline messaging tools.

Before going into the details of LAN messenger functions and operational capabilities, let us first dwell on the concept of this communication instrument. To begin with, LAN stands for local area network or a network of PCs situated on the same territory as an office building and being interconnected. This interconnection means that it becomes easy to transfer files and messages within the network and that no active Internet connection is required to this end.

Main Things To Know About Lan Chat

To better understand the principles of this network messaging, it is important to look at how the whole system operates and what resources does it need therefore. One of the characteristics of the office chat tool is that one should not set up and maintain a dedicated messaging server, it is the office messenger that does all the work itself. This means that you do not have to spend significant costs on buying a decent server but instead pay monthly or yearly service subscription.

Below are some of the advantages of a corporate instant messenger which make it a vital instrument for communications nowadays:

  • message encryption: besides the network security which is manifested through a limited number of PCs and the absence of any data leak risk, there is also a sophisticated system of message encryption. This is performed by AES-256. This allows your employees to safely exchange messages and files, while discouraging them from chatting with people outside the organization;
  • prompt file transferring: if you are tired of using a couple of special services online, LAN chat can be your solution. Instead of going to one messenger, then retrieving data from the other one and sending it through a third data storage party, one can perform this through an easy drag and drop action within a few seconds;
  • chatting options: so far it may seem that a business messenger is built for private communication only. However, it allows for a broader functionality being chat groups, message boards, and even conference calls. To make these chatting situations less official and boring, one may also use emoticons in the messages.

All in all, if you as a company are looking for new and more efficient communication solutions that would bear all the qualities discussed above, then LAN messenger is an ultimate answer to all your queries. Easy-to-install and maintain it becomes more and more used in the corporate world. Make sure you keep abreast of the times and do not subject your company to risks of data thefts.