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How to Resolve Any Issue Without Leaving the Workplace

Corporate communication through the website is a very good solution to save time & effort. In addition, the security departments of numerous companies insist on transmitting data over remote servers that can be accessed by third parties. There is a number of programs for organizing chat in a local network, for example, the Lancet chat.

Challenges in modern business are inevitable. You should be smart, quick, and always online. But if you use for these purposes your personal phone or account in the social media, you will quickly find yourself simply in the ocean of the information. And finally will be completely confused trying to respond both to colleagues & relatives. Obviously, this isn’t a pleasant situation.  

Have you ever thought about what ideal features are for business messenger in our quick and hectic world? Here are some options:

  • support voice audio files transfer;
  • reliability,
  • user-friendly;
  • sending instant messages and transferring documents;
  • creating virtual rooms with an unlimited number of participants;
  • saving message history and storing contacts into departments or positions.

If necessary, any of the functions can be disabled by the administrator.

Saving Time

Nowadays we all are very busy. Each employee has a lot of tasks and duties. Why don’t to rely on corporate instant messenger on smartphones or tablets with integrated PUSH technology? It means that your gadgets really wake up when receiving a message or when calling, which saves battery power. Thus you don’t need always to be in touch. In addition, among the new functions of the software, it is possible to easily conduct a call “blindly” or manage several calls at once at the same time), synchronization with mail, the ability to visually check the mailbox voice mail, and centralized call history.

With Attention to a Client

Another important innovative feature is the integration of LAN chat with a talk on the phone with a customer in order to send the messages or documents at the same time.

Thanks to the convenient application, the connection of a staff member to the sites of the company platform is carried out in a couple of mouse clicks. The new version of the superb client-server messenger supports embedded media content from video hosting YouTube or Vimeo. It will be displayed in the window automatically, immediately after the link is published.


Soft development for corporate relations inside the firm does not stand still. It is constantly developing and corresponding to the time and the needs of the users who want to manage all working issues at once. We believe that the ideal corporate chat of the future should be something more than just network messaging. It will be integrated into all workflows and will allow employees to have a positive talk both with each other and with clients. And the whole routine will be performed by bots.